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Custom Popup offers flexibility to fully tailor your popups to fit your website’s specific requirements. Through in-depth consultation, we create custom popup display conditions, ensuring it activates at strategic moments to engage your visitors effectively. Whether showcasing special offers, promoting events, or capturing leads, the possibilities are endless with Custom Popup.

Send us an email to explaining in detail how you would like to view the popup and under what conditions. We will reply by sending you a quote without any obligation.

Extension Specs

Name: Custom Popup

Documentation: Knowledge Base

Support: Forum

Developer Information

Franchi Web Design

Website: Link

WordPress profile: Link

WordPress: Theme Moderators


Conditions are the requirements that the visitor must meet for the popup to open...


CocoPopup has the ability to display the WordPress popup based on the visitor...


PRO CocoPopup has a ‘Pro’ extension that allows you to schedule the ...


CocoPopup provides you with many options for closing the popup. You have a toggl...


PRO CocoPopup allows you to set specific conditions for the WooCommerce plugin t...



CocoPopup has the ability to set events to diversify its entry. By default, it i...


With CocoPopup you have various animations at your disposal to make it appear mo...

Body Behavior

With CocoPopup you can customize the style of the body of the page on which the ...


With CocoPopup you can customize the style of the button popup as you wish, thus...


With CocoPopup you can customize the style of the popup as you wish, thus making...


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